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About Association

welcome to IT Association for web designers, developers, ITES companies, Software comapnies, Teaching professionals, website owners and webmasters.

IT Association is national, professional, non-profit making Society and only organisation of professionals/educators in the field of software, hardware, BPO, KPO, Website design and development.

For memberships, IT problems, advertisements, suggestions, links exchange and article postings please contact us.

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IT Association plans to conduct best website award and best application software award for the year 2011. For this purpose we call invitations to add your website and softwares in email or letters to us. we also invited the sponsors for these awards. Award will be based on design, idea, usage for customers.

Award: Best Website Award


Standard Hardware solution - Madurai, Tamilnadu

Binarynode - Bangalore, Karnataka

SHTC India - Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

Association Services

* Conduct paper presentations and seminars
* Organizes exhibitions and essay/project competitions
* Face and coordinate web designers, SEO and web developers problems and solve
* Help government and corporate companies to develop in technology and CSR